Serving on an urban ministry team is a seven-day exercise in learning through serving. Urban ministry teams will equip your youth group, deacons, or church leadership with a vision for racial reconciliation, ministry to the poor, and joy in worship in the heart of Chattanooga’s inner city. They are an exercise in learning to love and serve the inner-city poor.

We’ve all heard the statistics. Since the 1960s, inner-city neighborhoods across America have witnessed appalling heights in poverty, crime and drug use. At the same time, these neighborhoods have seen jobs disappear, housing deteriorate, and basic services slip out of reach. Families are fractured, children drop out of school, and churches have left for the suburbs. This unspeakable decline in standard of living has left urban communities crying for help in a cloud of despair.

UMT team at HFIC
Yet we believe there is hope. For we know that lives are changed and communities transformed by the life and love of Jesus Christ. Hope for the Inner City serves in two ways:

  • Mercy ministry: meeting people’s emergency needs

  • Economic development: moving people from dependency to self-sufficiency

As an Urban Ministry Team member, you will be exposed to community development, justice issues, racial reconciliation, and sweat evangelism. Our prayer is that you will emerge from this experience with a clearer picture of urban poverty, a deeper love for the Lord Jesus, and a louder call to serve God’s kingdom.

Get Involved

Are you willing to watch, listen, and learn? Then get ready for an adventure, and welcome to the inner city.

Living Arrangements

  • Lodging: Teams will stay in our bunkhouse on the Hope campus.
  • Beds: Pillows and blankets/sleeping bags are required.
  • Meals: All meals are provided. Delicious urban food is prepared by Hope for the Inner City staff. Breakfast is self-serve. Midday meals are prepared in advance and taken to the work sites.

Typical Schedule

  • Saturday: Teams arrive in the evening. Check-in and orientation.
  • Sunday: Worship at New City Fellowship. Lunch and orientation.
  • Monday-Friday: Morning devotionals; work projects; lunch onsite; cleanup; supper together; evening ministry opportunities in the city; evening wrap-up time and daily debriefing. Typically Friday evening is available to see the highlights of Chattanooga.
  • Following Saturday: Leave in the morning.

Group Requirements

  • Age: Jr. high age and above. One adult to every five teenagers is required.
  • Leadership: Group leaders must be present with the group at all times. If young men and women are alone, at least one male and one female leader must also accompany the group.
  • Transportation: You need to have adequate transportation while in the city. Vans are recommended.


  • Team Booking Fee: $375 per team (nonrefundable) will reserve a week for your team. Early booking is strongly recommended.
  • Cost per individual for members of returning teams: Please contact Tory Worley at (423) 698-3178 or by email for pricing.
  • Cost per individual for members of first-time teams: $425 per person (nonrefundable), which includes materials, meals and lodging.
  • Spending money is recommended, especially for Friday dinner.
  • Register your team by phone, (423) 698-3178.

PO BOX 11584


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