Our Story

Our Story

Hope for the Inner City is a merger of two faith-based organizations with a shared history of helping people trapped in poverty and despair.

For 37 years Inner City Ministries reached the poor through mercy ministry and youth programs. For 11 years Hope for Chattanooga moved many of these same people from dependency to self-sufficiency. Both nonprofits, separately launched by New City Fellowship pastor Randy Nabors, merged in 2007.

Today, Hope for the Inner City partners with churches and other organizations to bring good news, hope and renewal to Chattanooga’s inner city.

Our Hope

Since 1971 the people at Hope for the Inner City have walked alongside chronically poor residents of Chattanooga like John, Brenda and Tami. We’ve lent them a listening ear and a helping hand. We’ve furnished fooddental careprescriptions and after-school tutoring. We’ve helped them balance a checkbook and learn to read. We’ve helped some find temporary housing. We’ve helped others find permanent homes and good jobs, and we’ve taught them the skills to retain both.

Tate, an ex-offender, now works two jobs. Jessica, a longtime public housing tenant, now owns a home. Anthony, a major drug dealer, renewed his marriage vows and rededicated his life to Christ.

In all this, we’ve learned that inside every poor person are untapped talents covered by layers of neglect, abuse, illness and oppression. But with the same patience and compassion that Jesus showed us, the people of God can walk alongside the poor, meeting their immediate needs while also uncovering their hidden talents. We have seen the poor move from dependency to self-sufficiency, from crisis to hope.